Francisco X Villaseñor


Francisco X Villaseñor
Founder and CEO
Carbon Diversion America Latina, (CDAL)


Francisco X Villaseñor
has being in the research and development of biofuels and biomass since the last decade. Originary from Mexico City. His experience as an entrepreneur is from more than 25 years when he finished his career as a Civil Engineer. He also studied a master in real state, and recently is in the process to obtain a master in renewable energy in the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. He and his team wan the 1rst place in the Clean Tech Challenge Mexico 2011, with the project of “switch fossil fuels with renewable biofuels to produce heat with and without power generation”. He participated as an invited of the Mexican Economic Secretariat in the COP 16, and has made strategic ventures with technologies all ready proven to install them in Mexico and commercialize the byproducts obtained in all the world.


Francisco X Villaseñor is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Diversion America Latina, (CDAL), a R&D company formed in 2007, with 4 patents pending, and the misión to take advantage of large amounts of organic matter, starting with the agave, currently regarded as waste in the tequila industry in Mexico. He also is the Founder and CEO of Transformación Carbón y Energía (TCE), the first plant that transforms agave bagasse into a solid biofuel in a briquette and pellet format. He also owns a construction company Grupo Vias since 2003, and builds the facilities to process solid the biomass.


CDAL technology is focused in the conversion of 2nd generation residues and the reduction of carbon emissions created, in Closed Cycle Energy Conversion Plants, with the scope to produce while in the first stage renewable fuels from AGAVE biomass in a pellet and briquette format, (2011), and subsequently methane with anaerobic digestion, biobutanol and other biofuels in a second phase, power and steam using gasification, torrefaction to produce biocarbon.